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Why does technical analysis work better?


Certain patterns are repeated year after year such as double top, double bottom…etc., but we believe that fundamental output is available to be explained according to the circumstances such as what happens nowadays due to the debts crisis in Europe. There is a Philosophical side in the since most of the financial market analysts- both technical and fundamental analysts- know the golden rules for trading like "No bull market in the history ever became a bear without breaking its long term trend line and vice versa". Moreover there are Meta physics effects seen on the graphs and of course they attract many people all over the world such as the mysterious Fibonacci golden number. There are various technical analytical methods and always bring one result. Charts analysts depend on provided volumes and prices actions to find the support and resistance levels and turning it into a pattern via the experience they have marked and they are called "pattern analysts" while there is a type of analysts called "statistical and mathematical analysts"-like those who use moving average to identify specific support, specific resistance and important levels- and all of them meet at same points most of the time.

Technical Analysis| 26 Mar 2018
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