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How can I check in referred / digilink leads?

Step 1: Enter your Client id and password.
Step 2: Once you Login, Digi Data having Two options (1. Digi leads, 2. Digi Referral)
Step 3: Your Referred leads will be displayed in Digi Leads (City, State and Status)
Step 4: Your Referral Amount 10% commission will be displayed in Digi Referral (Referred amount)

Who are eligible?

All Aliceblue clients are eligible for Digilink.


1) No Geographical Limits.
2) Auto mapping in Back office.

Referral Bonus

1) 10% commission will be added for every added active account.
2) Payment will be released Dated 15th of every month.

Where do I check the referred leads?

1) Click Link https://bot.aliceblueonline.com/, Login with your ANT credentials.
2) In Digi Referrals -> My Referrals: Your Referred leads will be shown

Where do I check my referral amount?

Not available right now.

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With relates to compliance norms, we ensure that we will not disclose customer information.

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