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Wedge Chart Pattern

For a Wedge pattern pullback, the two lines converge. A bullish Wedge chart pattern takes place in an upwards trend, and the lines slope down. It is also known as a Falling Wedge. A bearish Wedge chart pattern is found in a downwards trend, and the lines slope up....

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The bullish pattern has three swing lows. The middle swing low is the lowest. The line connecting the two swing highs is the neckline. The bearish pattern has three swing highs. The middle swing high is the highest. The line connecting the two swing lows is the...

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An Island Reversal is a piece of price action that is completely broken off from the rest of the chart. It has a gap before it (Exhaustion Gap) and a gap after it (Breakaway Gap). A bullish Island Reversal starts with a down gap in a bear trend. After a period of...

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Triple Bottom and Triple Top

The Triple Bottom pattern is used in technical analysis as a predictor of a reverse position following a long downward trend. The Triple Bottom occurs when the price of the stock creates three distinct downward prongs, at around the same price level, before breaking...

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Cup and Handle

CUP & HANDLE PATTERN The cup is a curved u-shape, while the handle slopes slightly downwards. In general, the right-hand side of the diagram has low trading volume, and it can last from seven weeks up to around 65 weeks. The cup looks like a Rounding Bottom. The...

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Triangle Pattern

In the technical analysis, price is forming difference patterns. By definition, a price pattern is a recognizable configuration of price movement that is identified using a series of trendlines and/or curves. When a price pattern signals a change in trend direction,...

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Linear Regression Forecast

Quick Summary Linear Regression Forecast: Linear Regression R-Squared, Linear Regression Forecast, Linear Regression Slope, Linear Regression Intercept Linear regression is a common statistical method used to forecast values using least squares fit. The result for...

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