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 India’s Best stock broker offering Lowest brokerage fee in Stock market Industry.
We offer Commodity trading, Equity Trading, Futures Trading.

Open a Trading and Demat Account in Simple Steps.

  • Flat Rs 20/- per order
  • Get Trading Account in 1 Hour 
  • No AMC Charges for Lifetime
  • Account Opening Charges
    • For NSE – ₹310
    • For MCX – ₹120

Which one would you choose?

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Which one would you choose?

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F20 Product Details

Flat Rs 20/- or 0.01 (whichever is lower) per executed order

MIS (Intraday)BO (Bracket Order)CO (Cover Order)CNC (Delivery)
EQ20XNANA3XA Group Share
FUT10X20X20X1XAs Per Margin
MCX10X20X20X1XAs Per Margin

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