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When to buy in share market and sell share in share market

Buy and sell shares

A share is something that you can buy for a set price which is a small part of a company. The price of shares can vary depending on the performance of the stock market. When you decide to invest in shares, the aim is to invest in shares that increase in value over time. You become a shareholder in a company when you buy shares.Shares to buy or sell in Indian stock market involves many risks- make a list of all the pros and cons and then begin.

General guidelines on when and how to buy and when to sell

Let's have a look at the most important factors to buy and sell shares in a stock market.

(i) A closer look at the year-by-year performance of the company is a must when you begin, also, look for investment advisors you trust

(ii) When you decide to buy/sell in a share market, a trading account has to be created for online share trade

(iii) There is no rule that you have to sign up with a stock broker for guidance on best stocks to buy. There are advantages and disadvantages and it depends on your requirement. But remember that a stock broker is better equipped to advice you on when to buy and sell. On the other hand, even the best of them are proven wrong in the stock market.

(iv) If you decide to opt for a broker, he will be you go-to person for all the transactions. This is the best option only if you have stock experience; read the terms and conditions carefully to avoid problems with your broker.

(v) A mutual fund is a collection of shares and 'equity' is a term for ownership in a company. 'shares of stock' and 'equity shares' are the same. This is a safer way for you to deal with shares since the risk is mitigated owing to the variance of a mutual fund portfolio. So is the potential for gain as well.

(vi) When you need to sell funds, the best thing to do is to opt for an investment platform that will allow you to buy, sell and manage all the investments

(vii) The more people want a particular share, the higher its price will go. If the demand for a share is less, people may have to offer it at a very low price in order to sell it

(viii) • Most importantly,the best time to sell is when a share is at a good/high price; and,best shares to buy from a company is when the price is at its lowest 

Monitoring and handling your shares needs patience which is an important aspect; time plays a major role by giving you a rare edge because longer horizons make losses less likely. It is a good idea to have a financial adviser, but, it is not a must. One of the best options is to get a recommendation from a friend who you trust. Happy trading!

Know how to start withforex Trading in India by Trading Currencies

To start off, one must know whom to trade with. NSE, BSE,MCX-SX are the Indian exchangesthat currently offer 4 pairs (USDINR,JPYINR,GPINR,EURINR) in currency derivatives(futures and options segment). The governing body of trading currenciesin India is SEBI.

The brighter side ofcurrency trading in India

There are no middlemen, no government fees, no exchange fees, no brokerage fees, low cost transactions and no fixed lot sizes. It is safe to do online currency trading because it is quick and hassle–free.

How to trade currencies and various things to keep in mind

Apart from choosing who to trade with, you must open a trading account with a brokerage house. Further, you need to deposit the stipulated cash with the trading member. With low margins, and the access to hedge possible currency risk between 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on all working days, you can trade in currency futures contracts because they are available in minimum contract sizes of 1,000 USD.

You can either trade or invest but while you trade you must

Value your ownership and know when to buy and when to sell.Keep in mind the time frame, and do not go for the 'buy and hold 'concept because that raises the risk.Traders look for high probability trade set-ups and they incorporate market sentiments. Traders must be aware of proper risk management.At Alice Blue, we are here to help you choose the right path to a steady growth.