Alice Blue is the leading zero brokerage stock broker in India. Alice Blue was founded with the intention to serve people trading in the Indian Stock,forex,equity and commodity markets.
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What are equities?

When companies need more money than what they already have, they ask for it - usually through a public announcement in newspapers or other media. Interested parties (individuals or even other companies) can provide such financial assistance. Any such investment is in exchange for a portion of ownership in that company.In lie u of money, each such investor is entitled to an amount of company ownership. These portions of ownership are referred to as equities. Shares and stocks refer to the units of ownership that are given out by a company for investors.

Alice Blue helps you trade in the indian equity market unlimited number of times at absolutely no brokerage.Our revolutionary zero-brokerage models help traders of types save their money on brokerage.

Alright, equities benefit a company but what's in it for me

Since you own a piece of the company through equities, you are entitled to a corresponding portion of its earnings and profits too subjected to certain conditions. If you invest a substantial amount, you would be a valuable partner sharing a significant portion of its earnings. So, equities are one of the types of assets one can hold.Like savings accounts, cash deposits and real estate, equities are a form of investment. Money in the form of equity shares of a company is subject to change of value depending on the company's performance thus making it an indirect source of income.The stock market keeps a tab on the performance of companies and enables investors to buy or sell their holdings. Since the advent of online trading, managing investments through single accounts has become a norm.

How can I get these equity shares

Equity shares can be "bought" through the stock market when a company makes an offering. You could also purchase them from other investors who are willing to sell their holdings for various reasons through a trading account

I am interested but unsure of how to invest in share market. Who can help me

If you are apprehensive but want to invest in the share market, an experienced guide who can be a stock broker would prove to be invaluable A stock broker specializes in dealing with shares, mutual funds, and other such financial instruments. They could be individuals or companies. They can advise on the best ways and companies to invest your money in and even deal on your behalf. Some do this in exchange for a fee.If you are a newbie and wondering how to invest in share market, a stock broker can prove to be beneficial and help you get the bang for your buck!

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