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Read Stock Ticker

How to Read a Stock Ticker

A stock ticker is likely something everyone has seen and associated with the stock market but are unaware of what exactly it is an indication of. It is the band of continuously moving number and stock names you usually see at the bottom of your TV screen and the arrow marks displayed on screen when a newscaster is reading national stock exchange updates.It involves red and green arrows which indicate any upward or downward movement of stock prices. Each arrow is considered a ‘tick’ and is used by traders to stay aware of developments.

You can also find the volume of that particular stock displayed.Not all stocks when updated are displayed on the ticker, but only those that have had a massive change overnight since the stock market trading hours closure. A ticker comprises of the stock code or name, the quantity traded, current trading price, the net price change from the previous day in dollars or a percentage and an arrow indicating if there has been a drop or rise. A green arrow is an indication of upward movement and a red arrow of downward.

Live Updates

The stock ticker is an excellent way of keeping tuned into the live stock market. The colour coded updates are updated with very little delay and there are several websites which let you install tickers at the base of your computer screen or in your browser so you can keep an eye on your stocks movements. They vary based on various trading platforms but all are indicative of the same information.Particular companies like the Bombay stock exchange, have entire websites dedicated to this data and value investors use these to keep informed about their stocks on a detailed basis.

Here you can find which stocks are climbing and which dropping by how much. There are also displays for what is trending and the top turnover for the most significant stock options on the home page. A news channel or app may not show your stock on its ticker but a website with a thorough list will ensure any information gaps you have are taken care of.
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