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Read Stock Quotes

Stock quotes: How to read them?

When you look at an exchange like the Bombay stock exchange, the price of stocks quoted on it is the stock quote. This gives you information like the asking price, bid, volume traded, and previously traded price. With mobile apps and websites, you can follow live stock market movements. Reading the stock quotes may seem like a task at first, but it can be easily broken down to be understood.

Columns and what they mean:

The first two columns show you the highest and lowest trade prices of a stock over the year.The next column will list the company's name and type of stock

Column 4 has the ticker tape, quoting the latest prices.
Column 5 indicates the annual dividends per share.
Column 6 shows you the dividend yield
Column 7 has the P/E or price by earnings ratio.
Column 8 show you the trading volume for the day
Column 9 & 10 shows you the day's highest and lowest trading prices for the stock.
Column 11 has the closing price of a stock, or the last recorded trading price.
Column 12 shows you the net change in the stock price from the previous closing price.

You can get a lot more from the quotes and charts than just the prices. Charts show you a summary of the trade volumes and stock performances over various time spans. Option charts show all the contracts that a specific stock has.

You can also look up a stock's past information using the 'historical" option, as well as the executives and earnings of a company. Other financial parameters can be seen through the different ratios and financial statements.There are no fool proof rules when it comes to analysing quotes on the stock market. Brokerage firms will offer detailed quotes and other information regarding from an exchange like the national stock exchange. At the end of the day, you need to make a logical investment decision you are comfortable with.
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