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How share trading is more beneficial than other investments?

Share trading

Online trading has made thestock market a lot simpler these days and tradingequity sharescan be done on a daily basis from the comfort of your home by creating a trading account. Thus, investing in an online share market can help you to make money at interest rates higher than most other investment options. With proper knowledge, there are chances of you booking high profits in the share market.

Share trading versus more traditional Investmentss

Life insurance policies, bank fixed deposits, post office schemes, etc are some examples of traditional investment options. While these are safe investment options, the return on your investment is limited. We have also seen that interests from normal savings accounts have also steadily declined over the last couple of years.Comparatively, Investing in the equity market is better in terms of returns.From the approximately single digit returns of traditional investments, equity investments, over a period of time, can result in double digit growth. This is essentially capital growth, and a lot of people opt for capital growth to build wealth and overcome financial instabilities.

Flexibility and ease of Trading

The flexibility that is involved in shares is a key advantage. Buying and selling in relatively small amountsareeasy and low transactional costs are involved in the India stock market.Many investors engage a stock broker for stock recommendations, who gives them expert guidance on stocks to buy. The brokers know about the best shares to buy based on market intelligence and often work for the lowest brokerage since volume is the key for them. It is a good idea and also typical these days for investors to have an online trading account that they can operate themselves (where no broker in person is involved and the trading company does the brokerage online) for participating in the equity market and also engage stock brokers simultaneously for ready intel on shares to buy today.

Once you have an online trading account for the India share market, you need not worry about the conveyancing cost, stamp duty or ongoing expenses. It's simple because everything is done over the internet, and brokerage fees range from a minimum fee to zero brokerage. You can always start small, do online share trading yourself or with a trader who offers to trade at no brokerage and take the time to learn as you go.

The financial benefits from successful trading can be life changing.The biggest advantage of investing in the share market is that you can always start with a small amount of money and watch it reap benefits.


A combination of the right attitude with good aptitude will literally pay off for a trader. The implementation of solid plans and strategies will maximize profit for you once you learn or engage a broker who knows how to invest in share market. Of course, there might be some risks that are involved when it comes to any investment, make sure to be aware of them. Before you start investing, it's important to investigatethe company you decide to trade with, like its testimonials, policies, terms and conditions, etc. 

Alice Blue trading account helps you take advantage of the zero-brokerage trading model which enables you to net returns more quickly.
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