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Requirements to trade in the indian forex market

Requirements to trade in the Indian forex market  

The (Foreign Exchange) Forex Market is the largest financial market in the world. Currencies of different countries are traded in this market. The estimated daily currency exchange in this market is 4 trillion dollars.  

Unlike other markets, the forex trading is carried out 24 hours a day as the market is always open. Whenever you hear of any financial scoop, you can immediately transact in the Forex market.
  Some of the steps are listed out that can be considered before starting to trade in the Indian forex market:   Define your risk taking level The first step to start currency trading is to analyze and recognize that your risk tolerance and capital allocation to forex trading is appropriate. Plan carefully and stick to the planned goals.  

Get a
forex trading account

Various types of online forex trading accounts are available. Select one that best suits your needs. You can start with a mini account where you study the market well to get used to it. Then you can switch to a standard account when you have a fairly good knowledge of leverage and trading.

Choose your broker

While choosing a broker you need to find out whether the broker will be able to satisfy the financial goal that you are looking for. Their client profile should be similar to what you are looking for.  

Begin with small sums

Begin with small investments and low leverage. You can concentrate on your trading choices to increase your account size by generating profit.  

Focus on a single currency

To start with, trade with a single currency on which you have done your analysis and is familiar with its trend. Once you are comfortable with one currency, then you can move to multiple currencies.  

Do what you understand

Trading should not be done on the basis of rumours and word of mouth. Do your own bit of research and invest when you are sure of backing up your investment.  

Restrain your emotions
Do not get carried away with the initial success or failure. Both are a part of the game. Take calculated and logical decisions.  

Automate your trading to the extent possible
Your trading choices can be automated to minimize the impact on emotions.    

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