Alice Blue is the leading zero brokerage stock broker in India. Alice Blue was founded with the intention to serve people trading in the Indian Stock,forex,equity and commodity markets.
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Know how to Grow

The biggest secret of growth which any businessman in the world will tell you is to 'spend less' and 'earn more'. The same logic applies for trading also. There are many excellent traders who trade in good volumes and make good money but they don't understand the amount of money they could save if they were to plan their brokerages (On the other hand if someone had bad times while trading then the brokerage amount is going to make the situation worse). Yes, you can save a great deal on brokerages too.

We at AliceBlue, ensure our clients are on their growth track always, this we do by ensuring that our clients do not undergo the hassle of paying brokerages everytime they trade. Instead of everytime percentage based brokerage we offer zero brokerage plans for any volume single transaction or for throughout the year trading. Depending on the trading appetite of different types of traders each one of these plans are formulated. We not only help our clients save their money but also save their time through state of the art support systems which are well designed to handle any complex request and provide instant solutions for action. We also help our clients utilize their trading hours most efficiently through valued suggestions and research reports for decisive action.

14 Most Important Ways how AliceBlue helps its clients everyday

We are ready to serve you at your convenience with our 24x7 easily accessible E-KYC. Just Fill, Print & Sign - it's that easy.
Our dedicated customer support ensures that your account gets opened within 24 hours on receipt of KYC and modifications in your profile gets done in just an hour.
We ensure our clients enjoy trading comfortably without surprises, during our welcome call we help clients understand the process and handhold them for any support they may require. We understand when they may need our help as we keep constantly monitoring them and call them even before they feel the need to call us.
Those who are not comfortable with online transfers can make use of the RTGS facility and transfer funds from any bank using the 4 digit code provided by us for instant credits in your account.
ATOM Payment Gateway facilitates funds transfer with multiple banks offering instant credits in your trading accounts, also your limits gets increased automatically thereby making you ready for trading instantly.
Revolutionary and first of its kind prepaid brokerage models are developed to provide optimum value to our customers. We leave no stone unturned for helping our clients save more thereby helping them earn more.
Dedicated inhouse data center, large and reliable infrastructure for fast and efficient processing of transactions to provide world class trading experience.
Nest 3 – The Ultimate in online trading software is provided free of cost facilitating easy e-trading without any installations . This trading platform has
Hassle Free & User friendly back office software, Ideal-x with advanced technology with multiple easy to use features to track your transactions.
After extensive research sharp recommendations on equities and commodities are sent via nest trading software for making the right move in the market.
Our clients enjoy the facility of same day Pay-out which ensures easy liquidity at greater convenience.
Our clients enjoy the dedicated service support of our large qualified team of service professionals in their every day trading activity. Try us now.
We regularly conduct awareness and educational programs for our esteemed clients, business associates and traders to update them the latest market scenarios and the way forward.
Our services are systematically structured to provide complete freedom to the trader and allow him to trade independently without much external support, this has been made possible with the state of the art technology at work. However, at any point in time any help needed we would be happy to help you.