CC/EXT/013- Importance of POA


We would like to inform that, we will move all client stocks to respective client DP account on or before DEC 28, 2018.


What is T+2 Settlement?

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A T+2 settlement cycle means that the final settlement of transactions done on T day Trading, i.e., trade day by exchange of monies and securities between the buyers and sellers respectively takes place on second business day (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, bank and Exchange trading holidays) after the trade day.


Benefits of POA:

1) If the POA enabled, Clients will get exposure for trading. For more information,Check exposure calculation.
2) POA enabled clients can sell the shares without DIS (Delivery instruction slip)


1) If POA is not enabled, Clients cant sell the shares through Aliceblue.
2) For POA not enabled Clients : They can sell the shares through DIS (Delivery Instruction Slip) only.