Alice Blue is the leading zero brokerage stock broker in India. Alice Blue was founded with the intention to serve people trading in the Indian Stock,forex,equity and commodity markets.
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3 ways to Spend less and Earn more in online trading
Many traders end up loosing a lot more of what they possibly could have earned in terms of brokerage. So picking up a right trading model for saving a lot on brokerage. You must look out for flat trading fee based model wherein you need to pay for any volume only a fixed amount and you can take up a yearly plan wherein you need pay only once a year and you can trade in any volume. For eg. If you buy a lot of nifty options and the brokerage you pay on percentage based broking model is Rs.100/- and if you had bought 10 lots the brokerage you could pay would be Rs.1000/- but under flat trading fee / zero brokerage models you need to pay just Rs.20 for the same – can you see the substantial amount of money you can save on a daily basis.
Today the business is fully technology driven, which makes the business faster, easier and more profitable. Make sure the broker you tie up with has sound infrastructure, also check if is he able to fulfill your varied trading needs in one go or what is his processing time, how supportive is his online trading platform and how informative is his back office platform – does it make your life easy and save your time and does the system in place give you the full freedom you deserve or you are still at the mercy of your broker.
When your broker satisfies the above two important criterias, then make efforts to check their credibility in terms of their spread throughout the country ( it should not happen that they are only virtually present and physically nowhere to be found – which will possess greater risks), how satisfied their customers are, verify their registration numbers with the exchanges, how much transaction they do everyday and in what quantum they are increasing their client base and last but not least how transparent they are with the dealings. AliceBlue supports and offers innovative trader friendly zero brokerage models with fully integrated technologically driven support system and is the broker of choice due to its transparent and trader friendly initiatives.