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Connect and grow your
business by partnering
with Aliceblue
ANT now reloaded with
Scanners, analyse stocks in
different sectors.
Available in both mobi and web
Connect and grow your business
by partnering with Aliceblue
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now reloaded with Scanners,
analyse stocks in different sectors
Available in both mobi and web

What Makes Us Unique

​​​​​ AliceBlue is India’s Lowest brokerage fee online Trading Platform.

We have brokerage plans tailored to every need and our Customised & centralised Traders desk provides you the best technology at the lowest cost.

At AliceBlue you can spread the word and earn more by our best in class Referral scheme.



Customized plans

Trade Unlimited with AliceBlue in Equity, Commodity and Currency by paying customised plans/ memberships.



Information at fingertip

Huge platform to learn, accept and reflect, people growing up with the Web and now the Semantic Web take the power at their fingertips for granted. Trading information granted to all, where you can analyse and trade!




We provide technology for Base, mid and Balcony level users (in terms of age) according to their convenience. Which mode you will prefer?

Brokerage Counter

Check out our data round the clock where brokerage countdown begins throughout Aliceblue journey.

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Since April 2012
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Happy clients

Since April 2012

The happiness says it all!

P Elumalai
"I am trading in Equity Markets for the last 10 Years and I opened the account in Alice Blue one year back. AliceBlue had pointed out ways I can reduce my expenses and boost my profits in legitimately creative ways."
Amit Vasudeo Lokhande
"Thank you for selecting me as the winner of big day contest. It is getting more encourage for me to do more transaction."
"It is such an amazing feeling to have a part of AliceBlue Family. I am extremely thankful and grateful for all the help, guidance and opportunities…"
"Your service is good. We are satisfied with your information and explanation regarding queries. Your team members of all communication & approach is good. "
Jyoti Dilip Khandare
"Thanks a lot for choosing me as winner of AliceBlue Big Day contest."

We’re here to get you onboard!

Research, trust , believe, and then join.

With relates to compliance norms, we ensure that we will not disclose customer information.

Which one would you choose?

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